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Enhance Your Skin From the Inside Out at Honu Women’s Health

As part of optimizing total body health for each of our patients, we also prioritize skin care at Honu Women’s Health. Skin is the human body’s largest organ and taking good care of it is essential to feeling and looking your best. No matter your age, skin type or skin issues, there are things you can do in our office and at home to improve your skin health through skin care products and treatments.

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Customized Skincare Based on Your Unique Skin Type and Goals

 At Honu Women’s Health, we believe in providing customized care for each and every patient—from your inner body health to your outer beauty. As a physician experienced in a variety of subspecialties, Dr. Aya Sultan is uniquely trained to examine how your internal health, medications, hormones and lifestyle factors may be impacting your skin. Additionally, her PhD in Pharmacology helps to guide her skin care product recommendations for every patient, ensuring the product ingredients are most suitable for your unique skin type and goals.

Skin Resurfacing Treatments Conducted Safely by a Physician

 Personally conducted by our own physician, Dr. Sultan, laser skin resurfacing therapy is completely customizable – ranging from gentle procedures for any skin type to more aggressive treatments for faster results. Laser resurfacing therapy will help to regenerate healthier, more youthful-looking skin by boosting your skin’s natural collagen production to promote cell turnover and reveal smooth, supple skin. Whether you are looking to diminish fine lines, wrinkles, scars or sun spots,  Dr. Sultan can help you achieve your skin goals with laser therapy. As a member of the American Academy of Cosmetic Surgery and having received training in residency and fellowship on medical lasers, she will ensure your laser treatment is both safe and effective.

Another way to promote new collagen growth that can reveal smoother, younger-looking skin is through microneedling. Microneedling is a medical treatment performed by Dr. Sultan that works by taking advantage of your skin’s natural wound healing process by quickly puncturing the skin multiple times with microscopic needle tips to induce cell regeneration and revitalize the skin. Women of all ages, skin types, and sun-exposure levels can choose this quick, effective procedure to achieve smoother skin. Microneedling procedures are not limited to the face; they can be conducted anywhere on the body to aid in scar and stretch mark reduction, as well.

Diamond Glow, formally Dermalinfusion or DiamondGlow Facial is an additional medical treatment performed by Dr. Sultan that is suitable for women of all ages and skin types looking to experience the benefits of light skin resurfacing. It is a three-in-one solution to a wide variety of skin concerns that combines exfoliation, extraction and the infusion of condition-specific serums for skin issues such as hyperpigmentation, wrinkles, or congestion. Dermalinfusion is a prime option for women seeking fast brightening results with little downtime; in fact, many women have a dermalinfusion treatment on the day of a big event at which they need to look their best. It also works best as an adjunct to the deeper resurfacing treatments, such as laser therapy and microneedling.

Whether you opt for laser skin resurfacing therapy, microneedling or dermalinfusion, or a combination of the three, your safety is Dr. Sultan’s top priority. She will develop a customized treatment plan based on your budget, lifestyle, or upcoming events where you need to look your best, and she will ensure you achieve the best results while keeping your safety and total body health in mind.

Find Your Inner Health and Outer Beauty™

Using Quality Skin Care Products at Home is Essential to Achieving Your Healthiest Skin

 Carefully selected skin care products to use daily at home are an important part of maintaining healthy skin. We offer a complete line of high-quality skin care products to address every skin concern and help maintain the effects of your skin treatments received here in our office. A custom-fit skin care regimen is an important part of your total body health, and our skin care experts are here to help discover the perfect product pairings for your unique skin type.

We offer a variety of skin care products suitable for all ages, skin types, and skin issues. Whether you are most concerned with wrinkles, acne, uneven tone, redness or sallowness, you can find the right products for you here at Honu Women’s Health. We will also recommend products you can use at home that will optimize the resurfacing treatments you are receiving in our office. After a thorough consultation, we will make recommendations for your ideal skin care regimens incorporating products from Skinceuticals and Alastin. Our patients rave about these products—here’s why:

  • Skinceuticals is a USA-made skin care line based on a combination of potent antioxidant ingredients. Their products provide scientifically proven skin improvements created in elegant formulations for customized skincare regimens. Skinceuticals offers regimens based on skin type (dry, normal, combination, or oily) or by skin concern (fine lines and wrinkles, skin discoloration, adult acne, dehydrated skin, redness prone, eye bags and dark circles, and sensitive skin). They also offer antioxidants and sunscreens (reef-safe) that have been proven to help prevent and protect skin from the damage caused by exposure to atmospheric aggressors.
  • Alastin is a skin care line of procedure enhancement products designed specifically for plastic surgeons and dermatologists. Their products boost the efficacy of both ablative (deep-penetrating) and non-ablative (surface) skin rejuvenating procedures such as laser resurfacing, chemical peels, microneedling, IPL or surgical procedures. Alastin products augment your skin’s natural healing process to optimize the overall procedure results.

Products from each line are packed with the vitamins, antioxidants and nutrients your skin needs to feel and look healthy. Our skin care experts will make sure that along with your professional skin care recommendations, you are paired with an ideal sunscreen (reef-safe) for your skin type. We will also ensure you completely understand the details of your regimen, including what time of day to use your products and how much of each product should be used daily. We want you to be confident in your skin and in how to take care of it!

Not all skin care products are created equally and we have carefully curated our product offerings at Honu Women’s Health to only include what we believe are the best, most cutting-edge products to address every skin issue and enhance the results of your rejuvenating procedures. These products continue to work on your skin long after the procedure effects have tapered down. We understand the importance of investing in your skin and will carefully select the best products for you that will help you achieve and maintain the results you want as fast as possible.

At Honu Women’s Health, we offer the total package. We’re here to help you achieve your healthiest self, both on the inside and outside. We believe every woman is beautiful and want to help you enhance your natural beauty. High-quality skin care products are the best way to protect your skin from environmental aggressors and leverage the results of your skin rejuvenation and resurfacing treatments. We are proud to offer a complete skin care line and would be delighted to offer you a skin care consultation and recommend the best custom-fit regimen for you.

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