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diVa Vaginal Laser: Improve Vaginal Health

Being a woman is a beautiful thing. Our bodies are able to experience life-changing events like childbirth and pregnancy. While these moments are incredible, they can begin to take a toll on a woman’s body. Millions of women suffer from issues like vaginal laxity, also referred to as vaginal looseness and vaginal atrophy. These issues can seriously impact a woman’s self-esteem and sexual drive.

Rather than continuing to suffer in silence, Dr. Sultan and her team will create a treatment that is customized to your symptoms and goals. diVa laser vaginal therapy procedures allows you to receive a minimally invasive, no downtime procedure that will help give you the confidence boost you need. The results will have you feeling years younger and completely revitalized.

diVa® Laser Vaginal Therapy - Honu Women's Health

What is diVa Vaginal Laser?

 The diVa laser is the latest innovation developed by Sciton to help treat women who are suffering from issues like vaginal looseness and vaginal atrophy. It is the only device available that includes HPA (High Precision Automation) technology which ensures the safest and most effective outcome for each patient. In keeping with our belief that each woman is unique and should receive options tailored to her lifestyle, age, symptoms and desires, diVa is customizable, allowing patients to receive the procedure that is best for them.

The Hybrid Fraction Laser (HFL) Technology provides independent levels of ablation and coagulation, as well as varying levels of density. Due to HFL technology, Dr. Sultan prescribes the procedure option specific to your desired results. The diVa laser contains a highly accurate motorized control system which provides the ability to deliver each session with increased consistency, limited user variability and decreased procedure time. No matter who you are, diVa’s high precision automation technology ensures that the procedure is safe for everyone.

The single-use Strengthened Quartz Dilator (SQD) consists of a quartz tip that remains stationary to expand and flatten vaginal tissue for a uniform procedure. As the hand-piece is rotated through the targeted area, pulses are delivered through a new section of quartz to ensure laser efficiency. The SQD removes the need to clean the hand-piece, ultimately reducing the risk of cross-contamination and shortening the downtime needed between each session.


diVa® Vaginal Laser: What to Expect

During the session, patients may experience slight pressure against the vaginal wall due to laser resurfacing. diVa laser procedures are a fast treatment with minimal discomfort, but some patients may experience an increase in sensitivity near the vaginal opening. Patients can return to their normal daily routine following the procedure but should refrain from sexual intercourse for up to 48 hours.

Patients can choose between one and three procedures that will be spaced four weeks apart, followed by one session every six to twelve months. diVa laser resurfacing is an outpatient procedure that is minimally invasive, quick and easy. Topical anesthetic can be applied prior to treatment for patients who would like it, but it is not required.

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How long is the procedure?

Each session takes anywhere from three to five minutes to fractionally resurface the full length of the vaginal canal. Due to the Hybrid Fractional Laser technology, patients receive two laser therapies in one session. The first laser works by deeply resurfacing the layers of the vaginal wall, replacing it with new, healthier tissue. The second laser heats the layers of tissue where collagen exists.

Who may be a candidate?

There are two major events that women may experience in their lifetime: childbirth and menopause. Each one bringing its own set of issues to the vaginal area. During childbirth, the vaginal canal and surrounding tissue is stretched. While this can mostly be repaired by your body’s own healing responses, most women aren’t able to return to the same state they were before. Not only does this affect confidence, it also leads to diminished vaginal health and function.

Menopause and other events such as a hysterectomy, chemotherapy, or the process of breastfeeding may lead to reduced estrogen production by the ovaries and may often lead to thinning, drying and inflammation of the vaginal walls. These issues take a toll on self-esteem, confidence and vaginal function.

At Honu Women’s Health, we treat many women who are dealing with the aftermath of life-changing events with the diVa® laser by Sciton.

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