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Reverse Facial Volume Loss With Dermal Fillers

As part of a woman’s natural aging process, facial volume shrinkage occurs with a slow loss of facial bones, underlying subcutaneous tissue and fat pads. When this happens, many women find themselves with more hollow cheeks than they once had, deep grooves around the mouth (marionette lines) or skin folds along the chin area (jowls). Fortunately, women who are bothered by these signs of aging now have a way to turn back the hands of time. Dermal fillers can replace the facial volume that gradually faded away and provide visible correction to moderate to severe facial wrinkles and folds. In the hands of a skilled professional like Dr. Sultan, dermal fillers can achieve beautiful, natural-looking results that will not appear as though you’ve “had work done.”

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How Dermal Fillers Work

 Dermal fillers are injectable, purified substances that can be used to fill in volume loss either in the dermis or deeper tissue layers. When injected into the skin by an expert, they mimic your body’s own naturally produced hyaluronic acid and fat pads that keep the skin looking plump, smooth and tight. Results are immediate and will last between six and 12 months depending on your metabolism. The injected area is usually pre-treated with a topical anesthetic for your comfort. For many patients, dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables are an excellent alternative to invasive plastic surgeries providing similar results.

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Juvederm®, a hyaluronic acid filler, is typically used to lift cheeks, smooth parentheses lines around the mouth or plump the lips. It provides natural-looking and long-lasting results. The Juvederm® dermal filler collection offers five different products to meet your specific needs. For example, for lifting and contouring the cheek area, Juvederm Voluma® XC is best for the job and can last for up to two years. The added volume will smooth wrinkles for a smoother, younger appearance of the face.

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Restylane® is another kind of hyaluronic acid filler. It can be used in many areas of the face to smooth lines or add volume, including around the eyes, and even the back of hands. It works particularly well for plumping the lips and the folds around the nose and cheeks. While some results from Restylane® injections may appear right away, it will take a few days after the procedure to see the full effects.

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Risks of Dermal Fillers

Dermal fillers are much safer than facial surgery, however, they are not completely risk-free. Common side effects are headaches and lumps, bumps, discoloration, bruising, itching, pain or swelling at the injection site. They can also cause acne-like skin eruptions. These side effects typically go away on their own within a few days and are not any reason to be alarmed. People who have severe allergies or a history of inflammatory skin diseases should not use dermal fillers.

Are Dermal Fillers Right for You?

Most of our patients agree that the best part of dermal fillers is that there is little to no downtime. You can receive your injections in the comfort of our office and usually return to work shortly thereafter. While most women are able to achieve their desired results during a single procedure, most fillers do dissipate over time. To maintain your results, you will need to repeat the injection process at regular intervals. Dermal fillers are commonly used in combination with injectable neuromodulators such as BOTOX® and Dysport®. While dermal fillers are best suited for addressing volume loss, neuromodulators will temporarily reduce muscle activities causing wrinkles and lines after repeated facial expressions, such as frown lines or crow’s feet. Younger individuals are also using neuromodulators to prevent lines and wrinkles from ever forming. At your appointment with Dr. Sultan, a customized injectable plan will be developed for you based on your unique goals and budget that may include both dermal fillers and neuromodulators. As with any procedure at Honu Women’s Health, our goal is to enhance your natural beauty. Many women appreciate the subtle differences that can be made in their appearance with the help of dermal fillers and other cosmetic injectables.

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